Our Groundbreaking Formula

  • Peptides

  • Microbiomes

  • Liposomes

A collection of 22 functional peptides, including those utilized for anti-aging, skin brightening, and hair development.

Patented: Heptapeptide-48 and Palmitoyl heptapeptide-48 for anti-aging formulations.

Production of medical-grade synthetic formulations based on high-quality peptides.

New research on how microbiomes impact and optimize skin problems.

Technologies that promote healthy skin by interacting with the microbiome and the skin.

Terrabiome® is a proprietary microbiome technology based on fermentation and natural extracts.

The transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) allows active ingredients to permeate deep into the skin.

Nano liposome technology accurately delivers active ingredients deep into the skin.

Our products integrate liposome technology with active ingredients such as Peptides, Azulene, and Astaxanthin.

Our Revolutionary Science

For over 20 years, DERMAFIRM has been a pioneer of the global cosmetic industry with inventive innovations that include exclusive Liposome technology, high-purity raw materials, and optimal reformulated ingredients to create high-quality, sustainable cosmetics based on breakthrough research.

DERMAFIRM State-of-the-Art Laboratory

More than 30% of DERMAFIRM's workforce is dedicated to research and development in our Formulation Development Lab (Derma Science Lab), Peptide & Material Development Lab (Peptide Lab), and Medical Device Lab to generate advanced, cutting-edge materials and research optimal formulas used to produce DERMAFIRM's cosmetics to the highest standards.

Liposomes Technology

Our groundbreaking formula utilizes Liposomes – a transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) - to deliver active ingredients to the skin more quickly and efficiently. 

The stability of our transformative ingredients is improved by encapsulating active components between the double layers of phospholipids, allowing our products to deliver these powerful agents securely to the skin.

DERMAFIRM’s revolutionary Liposomes enable our carefully chosen complementary ingredients, such as Peptides, Azulene, and Astaxanthin, to penetrate the dermis effectively and efficiently by being 1/100th the size of a pore, achieving clinically-proven visible results.

Excellence In Technology

DERMAFIRM began developing cosmetics exclusively for hospitals and clinics in 2005, and is now widely recognized for their excellence in more than 30 countries worldwide. We actively communicate with our customers to guarantee superior sales and quality assurance services.

DERMAFIRM produces safe, nourishing products that are manufactured in a strictly controlled production environment backed by ISO 22716 (Cosmetic GMP), ISO 9001 (Quality Management), KCGMP (Korea Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 14001(Environmental Management) certifications. We are fully committed to protecting the environment by reducing our ecological impact.

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