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BIOTOC Medi Nanochip Pro

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    5 Replacement Cartridges Compatible for BIOTOC Medi Nanopen Pro

    - Non-Irritating Silicon Needles (0.2mm)

    - Open pores in the right size to prevent unnecessary moisture loss

    - Packaged separately and sterilely for safe use

    - Silicon patented and originated from US


    As part of our innovative BIOTOC collection, the Medi Nanopen-Pro is an advanced skin device that uses powerful nanotechnology to effectively deliver active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. This enhances absorption and leads to impressive outcomes.

      What it does

      * Boosts absorption by 436%!
      Enhances absorption rate of powerful, nourishing ingredients for visible results, but minimized the pain and prevent moisture loss.

      * Rejuvenates skin by boosting collagen and cell turnover for a fresh, youthful appearance.

      * Accelerates renewal, decreasing the presence of scars and fine lines.

      How to use

      Screw a new NANO Chip onto the BIOTOC Medi Nanopen Pro

      Safe ingredients promise

      Our products are clean, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made without the use of harsh ingredients, preservatives, and artificial colors. We use eco-friendly FSC-certified paper in our packaging to support sustainable forest management and protection.

      • Core Technology

      Part of our ground-breaking BIOTOC range, the Medi Nanopen-Pro is a next generation skin care device that leverages powerful nanotechnology to deliver active ingredients safely and effectively into the dermis for enhanced absorption, delivering remarkable results. 

      • Micro sized nanochip increases skin penetration with needles 1/1000 size of a hair.
      • Minimized the pain and prevent moisture loss.

      Key Features

      • A next generation personal care device

        A next generation personal care device

        · Uses patented high purity silicon material for safety
        · Convenient use with 4mm x 4mm sized Nanochips
        · Offers personalized options of 3 intensity levels

        Effective size, but minimized the pain and prevent moisture loss.

      • Boost ingredient absorption by 436%

        Boost ingredient absorption by 436%

        The 7,200rpm movement creates microchannels on the pores which vastly enhances absorption compared to using hands. Based on the evalution of skin penetration enhancement of cosmetic conducted by Kyung Hee University Skin Biotechnology center on the cheek area of female adults (in May, 2020), the absorption rate (reduction rate of content in the skin) using the device appeared to have a 436% higher reduction rate.

      • Silicon structure patented in US

        Silicon structure patented in US

        The patented silicon structure declicately opens the pores in just the right size to enhance skincare with minimizing the pain, and microchannels naturally colse after 20 minutes preventing moisture loss.

      • Optimized skincare for every skin type

        Optimized skincare for every skin type

        The 4mm x 4mm diameter Medi Nanochip can be freely used on nose, forehead without missing any spots on the face and offers personalized options of three intensity levels.

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