Our Story

DERMAFIRM produces and retails state-of-the-art cosmetics, utilizing an optimal blend of pure, high-quality raw materials that have been carefully selected through our own dedicated research and development. As a pioneer in the skincare industry, DERMAFIRM is leading the way for K-beauty globally through the use of trusted dermatological science and creative innovation.

Our Exclusive Liposome Technology

Our exclusive patented Liposome technology utilizes innovative nano-capsules to optimize the stability and delivery of specially selected active ingredients, transporting them deep into the dermis in a powerful and efficient manner. Each nano-capsule is 1/100th the size of a pore, allowing them to rapidly and effectively penetrate the skin.

DERMAFIRM delivers high-quality, high-performance skincare products based on our exclusive Liposome technology and manufacturing proficiency.

We proudly produce an extensive range of innovative products designed for a multitude of applications, including groundbreaking treatments for extreme sensitivity, dryness, blemishes, flushing and redness, anti-aging, skin brightening and clinical use.